CRCS Safe Space Proposal

Heather Becker, Staff writer

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A safe space is “a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.” I believe Cuba-Rushford Central School should invest in a safe space for students and possibly faculty.  The concept for the safe space is to have a secluded, safe, and supervised area for people that have anxiety or other psychological issues. This secluded safe space would be possibly located in C-wing and be in one large room that is big enough for a couple of students. For this to happen, we would have to use Mrs. Lafever’s room since it is the only room that is big enough in that area. However, some people disagree with this idea and think that a safe space shouldn’t exist because people think some students will take advantage of this secluded space to just get out of class.

One person that disagrees with this idea is Mrs. Carrie Bold. She believes we should not have a safe space since we have a school psychologist, Ms. Molly Butler, and have Mr. Ackerman who is our guidance counselor at the school. On the other hand, what happens if both are busy and or not here that day. What should the child do, go sit in the nurse’s office when other people are possibly there. This could worsen the child’s state since there is no privacy in the nurse’s office. Hence the reasoning for the safe space since the room would provide the privacy, a sense of protection and relief, and a peaceful place with coping activities and relieving mechanisms to relax.

Ms. Butler on the other hand thinks that it’s a good idea to have a safe space.  This space would be helpful because students could relax when they have an attack from anxiety, panic, or any other issues. I asked if we were to have a safe space what would be in there and both of us agreed on the design of the room. We both said to put comfortable furniture like couches and bean bags as well as sensory objects, dimmed lighting, tissues, windows, coping skills, and cool colors like blues and purples. We also discussed what should not be in the safe space. Obviously there should not be things that could harm a person and should not have harsh colors like red or orange. In order for the space to work, the school would either have to hire an aid for the room or have a volunteer specialized in psychology to monitor the room.

The room would also have some rules. The room would limit electronic use which includes phones, no food, only water, at most 10 minutes in the room and if more time is needed go to Ms. Butler, and only a couple of students in the room at a time, not including the aid. Some students are willing to give up these things to use the safe space. They love the idea since they know students have issues sometimes and need a way to calm down. Students also know that it will help students so they can learn just like the others.

In conclusion, a safe space would bring some benefits for students since they have a place that is quiet and isolated that could help them relax from an assortment of problems.  Some might not agree, but it would really help students with their problems. The medium sized room will always be supervised and will not have many people in it to disrupt classes. A safe space would be a good supplement for the psychologist and the nurse because they are not always available when a student needs them. Cuba-Rushford Central School should consider this helpful tool for the mental state of students.



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CRCS Safe Space Proposal