My Career as a Rebel

Mikayla Rix

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My journey as a Cuba-Rushford Rebel began 2003 on my first day of head start. Throughout the years, I have grown not only as a person but as a part of the Cuba-Rushford community. In my school career I have found out what it is to stand out as a true rebel. One way I noticed that I was a rebel was when I started to play sports for the school and found out what my true capabilities were as an athlete.

Playing sports gave me the opportunity to stand out above everyone else and show them what I can really do. My sports career as a Cuba-Rushford Rebel started, when I played modified soccer in ninth grade. During this season, I was named captain and was one of the team’s goalies. This stage of soccer is considered the fundamental starter to help prepare you for years to come on varsity.

My tenth grade year I went on to play varsity soccer and varsity tennis. Soccer, my favorite sport, started out difficult in the beginning of the season but gradually began to get easier and easier. I enjoyed getting the opportunity to be on the team and being able to watch the upper classmen play and look up to them. Tennis on the other hand was a brand new sport for me, but I couldn’t say no to something until I tried it. Surprisingly, I enjoyed playing tennis and had a great team to play with. Throughout my first season, I played doubles and received a nickname. My nickname that I was given was “Queen FEE FEE.” This name came from my eagerness to win and ability to earn that win with my partner. As a fairly young team, with a new coach, we entered the Bolivar Richburg Tournament to hopefully compete against some competition. Surprisingly, we won the tournament and brought the trophy home due to our persistence to jut play the game no matter what happened.

My junior year began with me playing soccer for my third year for the school. This year was something new, we had a new coach, Mr. Holmes, and he looked to begin to build our foundation. With our coach having the upmost faith in our abilities that he instilled in us, we began our season. The season began on the tougher side with a couple losses. We picked ourselves up and finished the season well. Still as one of the goalies, I set out to prove that I was the best goalie we had and I wanted coach to see that for next year. In the next sports season, I started playing a sport for another school. I began bowling for Hinsdale school and began the season very well. I finished the season with the highest average for the girls’ team and earned a plaque for MVP. I was named a 2nd Team All Star and received a plaque. The next sports season approached, I continued to play tennis for my third year. This was the year that I moved up to playing singles instead of the doubles.

Now it was time for my senior year and to show that all of my hard work and dedication has paid off. In previous years I had to share the goalie position but this year that wasn’t the case. I proved to my coach that I was indeed the better goalie and that I deserved the spot over the other. My senior soccer season was the best one out of them all. I had a coach that helped me with technique and encouraged me to go after the ball without any hesitation. Previously in my junior year I was very aggressive to the point where I dove for the ball at an opposing player’s feet and broke the girl’s leg. The memory of that carried over into this last season, thinking that it may happen again. With the help of my coach and his encouragement I got over that fear rather quickly and was back to diving at people’s feet and taking them out. Along with the aggressiveness and determination that I put into each diving attempt I was named “Brickhouse,” because I never backed down or gave up. My last home game was a time to remember, it was senior night. Each senior was recognized for their participation and dedication to the team over the years. During that game, we sustained the victory and proved that we know how to come together as a team and get the win when it counted the most. One more game was left in our season. It was a do or die against Genesee Valley as to who would be in sectionals and have a home game. Sadly, we lost, but after losing we didn’t pout. We rose to the fact that two seniors including myself were chosen for a great honor. This honor was being named an exceptional senior and being given the opportunity to play in the exceptional senior game. I went on to play in this games as one of the goalies who made it. I had a great game we didn’t win nor loose we tied zero to zero and I had a great save by diving at a girl and taking her out. After the game, it sank in that it was the last time I was ever going to play soccer as a Cuba Rushford rebel.  After thinking about college and what I wanted to do I set my sights on playing soccer, for Hilbert College. I will be playing as a Hawk now but it will not change where I came from and what I was before. I was a rebel and still am one, as I playing for college I will still have my high school number on the back of my jersey to represent what I did and what I will do now.

After the toughest season emotionally of my career was over I jumped back in and finished my bowling career, not only as a rebel, but as a Hinsdale bobcat. I finished top four in our section and qualified for sectionals for the second year in a row. Out of my team I had the highest average for both years I played. I also was named to the 1st team all-stars and received a plaque for this honor. During this season, I also set a new highest game for myself of a 265 with eight consecutive strikes. This game was the highest over any of the boys or girl on the team this year. On our last home match, it was another senior night for me. This was yet another night where I was recognized for participating in this sport and for representing a newer team and a different school.

Now onto my last sports season as a senior. This year we didn’t have enough people who signed up for a tennis team. After hearing this, I wasn’t going to participate in a spring sport until I heard that the track team needed some girl throwers. I decided to try something new and completely out of my realm and go out for the track team. The first few days were tough but then I started to get the hang of it by when our first meet rolled around. As the only girl thrower it was difficult to stand out since you are the only one from your school. Usually when someone is the only one they have a tendency to be a little shy. In this case I was definitely shy at first, but then I started talking to people and making friends with others from different schools. This ended up helping me out in the long run because at one of our meets, it started to thunder so we had to take a delay and wait about thirty minutes. Since I was the only one throwing, my school bus was parked at the other end of the facility. I had to get into the nearest bus that the official saw, which happened to be the team from Canisteo Greenwood’s bus. I got on it and everyone stared at me as if I was lost or something, but I wasn’t. I knew it wasn’t my bus but I had no choice but to sit on it and wait for the delay. While on that bus I made three new friends and also got some pointers on how to increase my throwing abilities with some more technique. The thunder never stopped so we were forced to cancel the meet and go home. I had to get off of their bus and run to mine. Now during another meet about a few weeks after this situation, they still recognized me and talked to me on how my season was going. We shared some pointers back and forth and helped each other out. This is something that I never would have thought to have happen. The idea of joining the track team didn’t just come to me it was something I had to think about for a few days and get over the fear of trying something new. Deciding to be a part of the track team has paid off, as a first year thrower I have won some ribbons and have placed rather well against some great competition. I also did well enough to qualify for sectionals in not only one event, but both of my events, shot and disc. I am ranked seventh in the shot and fourteenth in the disc. This shows that you should not be afraid to joining something that is brand new to you because you just may surprise yourself with what you are actually capable of doing.

By playing sports as a Cuba-Rushford rebel, I learned some valuable lessons. I learned that no matter how hard the task or competition is, don’t give up. You have a whole team behind you who either got the win or loss with you, it wasn’t all your fault no matter the circumstances. Looking back on all of the achievements that I’ve made since I started playing school sports I have been able to grow as an athlete and prove to everyone that you can do anything if you are determined. Now since all of my sports careers here at Cuba Rushford are coming to an end, I can look back and be grateful for all of the achievements and memories that I have made throughout the years and that is what I will take on with me of how I am a Cuba-Rushford rebel.

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My Career as a Rebel