School Hours

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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I’m pretty sure most people hate getting up super early in the morning to get to school. Especially myself. In my opinion, I think school should start later because it is better for one’s health, better for students’ concentration in class, and because it is more convenient.

First off, sleeping in is better for one’s health. In order for your body to grow and develop, you have to get enough sleep. If you do not get enough sleep it can and will lower the immune system and increase the chances of getting sick and ill. Also, if school starts later you will be able to actually eat breakfast before. It is very important for students to eat a proper breakfast before school because it will get their brains developing before class. If anything, school will still offer breakfast, but until the same time. Around 10:30 it will end. Which is a good offer because by saying this, I can not eat breakfast early in the morning. I do not have any time to do so.

Besides ones health, it is also better for one’s concentration. The average student needs about ten hours of sleep. However, most students, especially teens, only get around six-seven hours of sleep. That is usually due to the amount of homework one has the night before. If school started later, students would be able to sleep in, possibly get more homework done, and therefore get more sleep which would increase their concentration in class.

As far as sports go, they would still exist, but be changed. Practiced, meets, games would still happen just like they do now, right after school. It may just be get done later. Finally, if school started later in the morning, it would be more convenient for students, parents, and teachers, too. With school starting later, you will not be rushed and will have plenty of time to gather your things such as homework, books, and or even a lunch. On top of not being rushed, you will not be as stressed whether you’re a parent, teacher or student. So, as for being a student here, it would be an amazing thing to have the hours from 8-3 be changed an hour or two later.

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School Hours