Thirteen Reasons Why Review

Gabrielle Dutton, Staff Writer

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The show 13 Reasons Why was released a little over three weeks ago on Netflix. Originally written as a book by John Ash. Selena Gomez and several other directors Took on the role of making a show out of this book. This show may not be for certain viewers as the show shows some pretty horrific things. This series shows suicide, rape, underage drinking, drug use, and bullying.

     The show is about a girl named Hannah Baker who decides to commit suicide. Hannah Baker leaves behind 13 tapes in which she tells of the 13 reasons why she killed her self. She leaves behind very strict instructions on how these tapes should be listened to. This show has some pretty Big themes on death, guilt and blame, respect and reputation, betrayal, sex, violence, choices, and love. The show bases its self around one single person on the tapes. His name is Clay Jensen.

     I loved how the show center itself around one person listening to the tapes but you got a sense of how all of them felt about the tapes. Well you get a sense of everyone else’s feeling about the tapes you see how different everyone actually felt about Hannah Baker. The show actors really showed emotion of betrayal,Love, and hate. Every piece of this show fit together. Every part of the show pulls you in wanting to watch more.

    I would highly recommend this show to anyone that may have read the book or are just looking for a good show to watch. The series shows that sometimes what you say to someone affects them more than you know and that you don’t really know what’s going on in anyone’s life but your own. The ending of the show will leave you with many questions. But could all your questions be answered with a season 2?

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Thirteen Reasons Why Review