School Store: Worthy Idea or Will Our Students Have A Bad Time

Justice Herrick, Staff Writer

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Would you want to see a general store in school? Would it be good for the students and staff of the school? This questions swirled in my head as I got my assignment from Ms. Durland.  The assignment was to pick a problem in the school or community that I would like to see fixed. This is an investigative report on the problem that exists, the plan to fix that problem, and getting feedback from different members of the community. The problem that I will tackle will be getting a general store in the Middle-High School. This is a problem that needs to be fixed and will have a direct impact on the students, staff, and the community.

One problem that this school and community has that I would look to see fixed is the unavailability of a general store inside of the school. The ideal general store would be a place where students and staff could buy spirit wear, school supplies: including pens, pencils, erasers, folders, etc, healthy snacks and drinks, and tickets to events like Prom and Winter Weekend. The money raised would help the students. This “general store” will help the students pay for expensive trips and allow students to get school supplies if they forgot theirs. The store would be worked by students, who are in a new class called Retail Management. Hundreds of schools across the country have taken the initiative to install this general or “student” store into their school. Some specific schools have good ideas for one. General McLane School District, in Edinboro P.A., has installed a student store. This student store has everything I outlined above but the store is operated by the high school Retail Management class. In another school, Redlands East Valley High School in Redlands C.A., they have the stuff outlined above, but they also have gym locks, batteries, chapstick, deodorant, dividers, lotion, tissues, etc.

I have a plan to eliminate this problem for good. The store will be in one of the current Special Education rooms. The Special Education department is getting brand new larger rooms in 2018, due to the Capital Project the school is going to do. The store should contain spirit wear, school supplies: including pens, pencils, erasers, folders, etc, healthy snacks and drinks, and tickets to events like Prom and Winter Weekend. The store should be run by high schoolers, who are in the new class, Retail Management. The supplies, in the store, will be funded by the classes in the high school. The teacher of the class will monitor the students who are working the store. They will also be the ones that reorder inventory, the person that keep track of money, and bookkeeping while the students will restock when necessary. This class keeps students accountable because if they are getting grades for this class, they won’t skip coming to “work.” Some of the topics discussed during the school year would be how to order more inventory, how to balance an account, book keeping, how to do taxes effectively, effective advertising, learning how to hire someone, the concept of supply and demand etc. There will be days where you can donate to the store, in exchange for a hat day or other activities. All of the items will be available year round. To get this into fruition, a written proposal needs to be in Mrs. Bold’s office by the beginning of February. Then, she would see if anyone wanted to teach it and if the store could be a viable option.

Teachers of this school have opinions on the matter of adding a student store to our high school. Mr. Ackerman and Ms. Durland have varying opinions on the matter. Both teachers believe that the math part of the entrepreneurial class is already covered; classes like Consumer Math, Career and Finance, and Applied Math. Ms. Durland believe that these classes only teach personal finance skills and not the entrepreneurial ideas of running a business. They also both believe that school store would work in our school and it depends on the motivation levels of the students, if it would last long. The money needed for supplies would most easily be raised by doing fundraisers. Finally, they believe this class could count as a STEM class.

Mr. Baron, a special education teacher, says that this class will make a huge impact on his teachings and his students. He says that some students can graduate with a non-diploma high school certification called Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential. The diploma used to be for students with disabilities only, but in March 2016, NY State began to allow all students to earn this certification. To earn this certification, a student must among others things complete at least 216 total hours of CTE coursework and/or work-based learning experiences. Specific classes are needed and none are currently offered at the high school. Everyone who is interested in this credential, needs to go to BOCES to get these required hours. With my proposed plan, the entrepreneurial class would count for the student’s hours. The students wouldn’t have to leave the school and the school saves money, in the process.

The students have also voiced their opinion on this issue. In a survey with 100 of our students, 62 said they would take an entrepreneurial class. 71 people also said that they would buy something from the general store.

This general store will sincerely help the students, staff, and guests of our school. Everyone can get spirit wear and snacks for lunch. This is a modest proposal and if you are interested, a student store could happen!

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School Store: Worthy Idea or Will Our Students Have A Bad Time