A Drummers Life: Christopher Mueller

Heather Becker, Staff Writer

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At Cuba-Rushford Central School, there is a senior who is musically talented with the drums and his name is Christopher Mueller. With his drumming abilities, he hopes to join a band and travel the world while preforming with them. He plans on doing this by moving to Nevada due to having a heavy amount of music influences. Before this all happens however. Chris needed to learn ow to play the drums. In fifth grade, this reality happened when he chose the drums before the clarinet and trumpet. The decision to play the drums that day changed Chris’ life forever.
When Chris realized he wanted to play the drums after a week of playing them, he became inspired by one person and his name is Harold Williams. Harold started playing the drums 45 years ago and has continued to play for musicals and the Rushford Town Band. He first played in 1974 at Country Parkway Elementary School in buffalo and in the Rushford Town Band. He got introduced to the drums by his grandmother, Wilda Williams, and later on got inspired to play the drums by his grandfather. So, when Chris began to play for the Rushford Town Band and other bands, Harold tried helping and he succeed. He helped Chris with stick control and reading music. When I told Harold that he was Chris’ inspiration he was surprised and said,” I didn’t know.” Harold also stated that it was a nice honor to be Chris’ inspiration. Some advice Chris’ inspiration gave to him was to expand horizons to different types of music and genres and keep practicing. Chris will hopefully take some of this advice to heart when he explores the rock and metal music industry.
Chris mostly listens to rock and metal. He also plays to on his drum set at home. This is the reason why he would want to play the metal band called System of a Down. This is not the only rocker metal band he likes though. Chris’ favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch and his favorite drummer is Jermery Spencer from the same band. On the other hand, he does not only play metal and rock music. He also plays music for the school band, Jazz band, Rushford Town Band, Twins Tiers Band, and does Pop Group.
Chris began being in Pop Group in 7th grade and continues to be in Pop Group. He is now directed by Megan Tackentien who has taught him many things. Tackentien taught Chris about general music, 5th grade band including drums, and many choruses. She is very thrilled that she taught him drums since they are very important to him. Mrs. Tackentien is also his chorus teacher along with being his Pop Group instructor. She says he gladly puts his input in songs and helps fellow basses or tenors. In fact her favorite memory of Chris is when he approached her wth an independent a ccappella piece that he wrote for Pop Group. This piece will be premiered at the May concert. Tackentien states,”I had no idea that he was working on it, and am excited for our students to preform it!”
All in all, Chris is a very talented musician and drummer. He takes his passion of “having fun hitting stuff” seriously and will go a long way if he continues his route. To all those new drummers Chris’ advice is to practice. He if you do that, you ,Igor become the next Chris. However, you will need some help from people like Harold and Mrs. Tackentien to help you find your way.

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  1. Lawrence Mueller on April 7th, 2017 7:34 am

    A very nice interview and write up, Thanks from his proud parents! YES he practices ALL the time (when he is home) . He does a lot of other things too like lifeguarding and has another love of wildlife
    watching and insect collecting during the NON winters seasons! And was heavily in Boy Scouts ,attaining the Star Scout rank before becoming too engaged in other activities.
    To the reporter, again thank you for a nice job doing this article! And to the Editor and staff, Thanks for getting it published!


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A Drummers Life: Christopher Mueller