The Life of Malachi Barros

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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Malachi Barros is currently a senior here at Cuba Rushford. He is hardworking, funny, athletic, and a very determined guy. He has been doing sports all his life, as he can remember. He’s gone from doing football, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, track, and hockey.

Malachi has stated, that ever since he began doing sports, it has helped him in life and made him a better person. He has mentioned also, “Sports teach leadership.” He has learned many things from sports. Friendship, loyalty, leadership, and more.

Outside of school, Malachi is not totally a different person than he is in school. He still loves going out to play sports, mainly basketball. He also is very into dancing and parkour. Those are things he does frequently, no matter where he is. And from experience, he is indeed, pretty good at everything he has a passion for. Basketball, dancing, anything he does in general.

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The Life of Malachi Barros