The power of positivity

Gabrielle Dutton, Staff Writer

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When Elizabeth was not even year old she was adopted by her now legal guardians. When asked what experiences helped form who she is today she talks of the experiences of when she was younger. When Lyz was younger she used to be really small and has always been short but as she got older and started going through her changes, she got bigger. People began to pick on her. They made fun of how she looked and how she dressed. It got to the point where she did not want to go to school. One day someone she barley talked to from her old school came up to her and asked her what was wrong. This person helped her get through a hard time in her life who ended up being a good friend. This experience has helped form who she is today. She stands up for those in her family, friends, or even herself when people mess with them. She always takes action to try and get them to stop.

Lyz has a very unique personality. She can go from happy to blazing mad to laughing the next minute. Lyz has always enjoyed playing volleyball. About two years ago Lyz came to Cuba from a more smaller school. She was coming onto a team that has been successful. This could have been intimidating however, no matter how much she hurt or how much it may hurt she did not want you to know. She could be standing there crying but she says she’s fine. Although that might not have been the best thing for her she did not care she just wanted to play. Lyz is someone who will be greatly missed, from me and her arguing like an old married couple (jokingly) to her motivation to always do her best on the court. When Lyz was not there it was completely different feel. The days she was not at practice or games it was different because you did not have her positive attitude there. It was quieter. She always gave everything she had. She was always busting her butt and when she was not there it was noticeable. Lyz’s passion for cosmetology showed through the volleyball season. She was always braiding my hair or anyone’s hair for that matter on the team. She has always had thing thing for hair. When she was little she used to do her dolls hair. Her now boss has been a great influence on her life. Lyz always used to go to her shop and help clean up around. Her mom has always told her ” to never back out of what you want to do”. Lyz wants to further her career in Texas. She does not want to completely move down there but for a couple of years for the job experience and then come back up to New York. She currently is works at Rt.39 and is going to Boces for cosmetology.
Lyz has changed from her freshman self. She is a lot quieter and has learned to control herself when people are rude. She is trying to be a lot kinder to people. Her favorite high school memory would be volleyball. Her senior year was her favorite season just because of the great team she had. The most important lesson she has learned throughout high school is not letting what people think of you get to you because she says ” i will put you down if you start thinking about it and it is not worth it, it’s just not”. With what she has learned throughout high school she has experienced and learned throughout high school she would give this advice ” Don’t listen to what people are saying. Stick up for yourself and if you have a big dream of yours stick to it and don’t back down, get up and try again. If you fail just be who you are”.

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The power of positivity