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Mikayla Rix, Staff Writer

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An American comedy, called Central Intelligence, featuring Kevin Hart who played Calvin “The Golden Jet” Joyner and Duane “The Rock” Johnson who played Bob Stone. This movie is about how a popular athlete and class president helped out a fellow student out in a pretty embarrassing moment. Whether you help someone by either giving them a jacket or helping with homework, they will remember that forever. In this case, a kid from high school, joined the CIA and was in a bind and needed some help with a mission, so he turned to that one special kid from high school.

Central Intelligence was produced by Scott Stuber, Peter Principato, and Paul Young. Before producing this movie, they also produced Ted and The Identity Thief. The actual release date of Central Intelligence was on September 27. 2016. This movie was nominated for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Comedy, favorite Comedic Movie, and Kevin Hart won the Choice Summer Movie Star: Male. Many people have written reviews stating that they liked the movie and that it was one of the funniest they have seen. They also stated that they want a second Central Intelligence to come out in the future. A widespread theme of this movie has to deal with bullying and how in Duane Johnson’s role as being the bullying victim. There are a couple parts in the movie where “The Rock” did what was done to him in high school on Hart. This showed what he felt like in high school and what he went through with all of the humiliation he endured.

Inside this movie, there are many well-known aspects, like songs. Some songs that people now a day can recall when they hear are: “Jump Around,” “Hypnotize,” and “Jump man.”  “Jump Around,” is by House of Pain. “Hypnotize,” is by The Notorious B.I.G. Lastly, “Jump Man,” is by Drake and Future. Many of these artists are well known to people who listen to their music today. Some good parts of the movie that I liked were when Kevin Hart and Bob Stone go to the bar to catch up and they run into a problem with some guys where they get into a fight. Another favorite part is when Bob Stone and Joyner come up with a secret plan while they are under fire, so they jump through a window from about twelve floors up.

Central Intelligence on the other hand has some weaker scenes too. One scene that is shot poorly is where all of the action scenes where either they are being shot at or while fighting you can see how the stunt double delays their reaction. They are delayed as if they are being instructed while they are supposed to be fighting. A weak moment where this is shown is when both Bob and Calvin are on a bridge where the so called “Black Badger” comes up to them at gun point and then Calvin does his signature move to distract while he retrieves the gun. All in all, this movie did have a steady story line and it followed it well even with its few hiccups.

This is definitely a movie that I would recommend for people to watch due to the level of intensity and comedic actions. This is a great movie to watch and even better, its story line explains what happens today with the aspect of bullying. Central Intelligence, is one of those movies that when you see the trailer for it, you automatically want to go see the full movie, watch it, you won’t regret it.

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Are you intelligent enough to read this article