The Girl With the Vibrant Stare

Keeanna Johnson, Staff Writer

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Growing up isn’t easy, especially when living in a small town, but for some getting their lives in check is the easiest thing to do. One person in particular who knows the life of a high school students is Taylor Blake. Growing up in Cuba has given her more opportunities than any other place would give

She’s currently enrolled in Cuba-Rushford but will soon graduate in June and continue her studies into bigger and brighter things, unfortunately for now she will have to wait. She is involved in a variety of activities such as chorus, pop Group, youth Court, National Honors Society (NHS), and also holds a part time job at Giant.

Taylor is loyal, intelligent, and extremely caring for those around her and especially family. She finds pride in herself for becoming more and more independent everyday; unlike her freshmen self that was more closed off. She is a fast learner and a good friend who is always ready to lend an ear for you to babble all of your problems to- which comes in handy if you’re having a bad day.

“I don’t mind going out to games (like football) and getting into watching and going out to more of them. But I am also more guarded on who I trust just because I have been hurt so many times.” Taylor has been through so many situations but who hasn’t struggled especially in their high school years? If she were ever given the opportunity to go back in time she would change how forgiving she was. She said she “would let people walk all over her,” and was done being pushed around. She learned it’s better to “love yourself before others and don’t let other people’s perceptions or opinions of you get you down.”

As her last year here she admits that she will miss all the fun games and her involvement in different activities and events- also feeling “care free” from problems after high school. She advises that freshman must take their grades seriously because they matter if you plan on going to college. “Behave yourselves, because dumb mistakes can have really bad effects on your life.” But she quickly adds what everyone needs to know; have fun, be involved and never seclude yourself from everyone and everything.

Her academic strengths are English, History, Music, and Spanish. “Basically anything that isn’t a math or science.” She can give you a ton of reasons why she doesn’t enjoy math or science.

“Taylor is mature beyond her years, and someone I KNOW I can depend on.” Tim Ellison the high school Spanish teacher commented. He has known her for four years and and come to know her as a quiet, reserved and thoughtful person, however, her weaknesses is that “she is too nice to people that don’t deserve it,” but that her wisdom and patience are her overruling strengths. Sweet, smart, and classy describe Taylor mostly in Señor Ellison’s eyes. “Taylor is always kind hearted and respectful,” he then adds “Taylor’s image is something I wish I had myself. She is poised, well-dressed, and well-spoken and extremely smart!”

As always the question of ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years,” came up and she gladly answered with true passion of one day owning her own Salon. “I see myself working in a salon, trying to build clientele so she can begin her own business.” Taylor has learned “to not think [she] can’t do something just because [she’s] just a woman and never back down from a challenge.” This is her way of showing everyone that you “can succeed” even if you are a woman. Of course this isn’t her only reason to open her own business, it’s also because this is one of her dreams to work and own a salon. The name isn’t worked out just yet but she can assure you when she makes her mark on the map, you’ll know it’s her.

Taylor, no matter how many times she felt low or that life and society did not want her to succeed, she always pushed back. She made mistakes, had some regrets, let people walk over her and have hurt her emotionally or mentally, but she is stronger than what others make her out to be and she has plans that the world will be forced to know the name, Taylor Marie Blake.

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The Girl With the Vibrant Stare