The Sweet Life of Michaela Korytkowski

Sophie Wojciechowski, Staff Writer

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Michaela Korytkowski, a young vivacious girl, is a senior here at Cuba Rushford. She is creative, innovative, and quite intelligent. Her sense of humor is hilarious and always causes her friends to laugh. She cooks naturally and all her dishes come out perfectly, except for brownies; she always burns her brownies. Her love for baking has brought on a wish to pursue a career in cooking and possibly open a bakery herself one day.

Michaela is a loyal person to all of her friends. She doesn’t talk badly about others but rather cares for them. She’s thoughtful in the way she cares and looks out for people. She’s hardworking and strives for perfection in the things she loves to do. Her artistic ability allows her to bring art into everything she does. She fights for what she believes in even if her opinion is not a popular one. She has great leadership and cooking skills; her mom says you can “give her anything in a fridge and she can make a masterpiece.” However, occasionally she can have too many things going at once and cause her to have stress.

Her mother, a history teacher in the middle school, says “Michaela has been in the kitchen since she was 18 months old. As a baby she would do dishes side by side with me at the sink, be at the table rolling pie dough or cookies, or helping with with dinner daily.” Michaela’s interest in cooking was sparked from a very young age. Her growing up in a Polish family has greatly influenced her interests as well. In a Polish family, you never leave the house hungry and food is constantly present. As Michaela said, “Food draws us together as a family, it’s the glue that keeps us together.” Cooking and baking has taught her how to keep track of time and how to focus. Today, she takes the culinary class at Boces. Her dream college is Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks due to the beauty of the place and the wonderful culinary program they have. However, she plans on going to JCC in order to get her associates in business management. After this, she wants to start traveling around the country and the world in order to find the perfect place for her. She wants to travel to Russia to see the architecture there and she also wants to travel to France solely because it is one of her favorite places. She loves the French language and to work in a boulangerie (the French word for bakery) would be the best experience she could ever hope for. Living in France would also be a wonderful experience for her, but she plans to stay in the United States because of the difficult process of becoming a French citizen. When she does get to have a bakery, she wants it to have a café. She wants to be able to sell classier pastries such as mini tarts, eclairs, and cream puffs. She isn’t against having a business partner, but at the moment she cannot think of anyone she could want to open a bakery with.

Throughout her life, she has been constantly told to not be so negative and to move forward in life. What is going to happen is going to happen so just go with the flow of things. Michaela’s best tip for surviving high school is: “Don’t hold onto grudges, don’t get mad at your friends. You’re only with them for so long and then you’re never going to see them again. I’m in my senior year of high school and I already don’t see my friends as much as I used to. So there’s no point in staying mad at your friends. The other thing is listen to music.”

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The Sweet Life of Michaela Korytkowski