Teen Pregnancy

Taylor Jahnke, Staff Writer

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Teen pregnancy is a problem world wide.  3 in 10 American teens get pregnant before
age 20, with almost 750,000 teen pregnancies every year.  The average cost of raising a child is $245,000, which is a lot of money for a teenager.  But teens are not the only people being affected by teen pregnancy, the teen’s parents are also highly affected.  They have to help their teen care for the child by helping them out financially, while still caring for their own child.  After all, they are not mature yet.

America has the highest number of teen pregnancies of any other country.  Teen pregnancy is most prominent in Black and Hispanic teens.  The rate of teen pregnancy has gone down in the past 2 decades.  In 2014, a total of 249,078 babies were born of teenagers, but in 1990, 521,626 were born of teens.  Although teen birth rates have gone down by a huge amount , more can be done to get that number lower.  The show Teen Moms, has brought attention to the matter.  People now recognize teen pregnancy as an issue.

In Allegany County the teen birth rate is 20 per 1,000 female teens.  Pregnant teens should always get advice from their doctors and ask if there are support groups to join.  I believe that Cuba-Rushford should have a parenting class available for students so they can be prepared for whenever they have kids.  This class should teach how to care for a newborn baby up until they are toddlers, and about the risks of teen pregnancy, such as not graduating and money issues.

Teen pregnancy can be avoided.  Condoms and many other things such as birth control can be used to prevent pregnancy.  Raising a child costs a lot of money, money teenagers do not have.  Having a baby at such a young age could also cost you your education, after all, only 40% of teen moms graduate high school.


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  1. Audrey Moore on March 2nd, 2017 5:51 pm

    What a great story and to live in a community that helps each other when the need arises.


    Audrey Moore


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Teen Pregnancy