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In recent years the term binge-drinking has become more well known. Binge-drinking is the practice of consuming large quantities of alcohol in a single session, usually defined as five or more drinks at one time for a man. While for a woman it is four or more drinks at one time. Binge drinking has become more common among young adults 18-34.

Those who binge-drink, drink because of Anxiety, stress, depression, and numbing unhappy feelings. It is also very easy for high school students to get caught up in binge drinking with lots of peer pressure. They also do it because they are curious and want to know what it is like to drink alcohol. High school students believe that it will make them sick and hungover. They also look as alcohol as a way to reduce stress even though it can in the end create more stress. Those who drink are 7.5 times more likely to use other illegal drugs and 50 times more likely to use cocaine than young people who never drink. Binge-drinking is more common among young adults 18-34. 65 years and older drink more often on average of five to six times a month.

Kids are able to get alcohol in various ways. They get the alcohol from liquor stores with someone who is twenty-one or older. All the alcoholic beverage companies make drinking seem attractive and fun. They do this with their companies and they get this from movies and shows. By making drinking seem attractive and fun, it causes these people to lead to other harmful things that may affect the body. Long term affects of drinking alcohol is high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, neurological damage, sexual dysfunction and poor control of diabetes. While drinking, people can cause harm to themselves as well. Drinking can lead to unintentional injuries, intentional injuries, alcohol poisoning, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy, and children who are born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Out of 13 counties in New York, Allegany county is number 12 although it may not be the worst county, 22% of the people who live here binge-drink. There are 4.53 bars per capita, the most notable cities are Belmont, Alfred, and Wellsville. There has been a change from 2002 to 2012 with women an increase of 1.5% and male an increase 0.6%. Binge-drinking in Allegany County with men overall is worse than the whole New York State. 19.8% of adults in July of 2009 participated in binge-drinking compared to 17.7% of adults in New York State.

With people who are 18-34 binge-drinking has become more common. With binge drinking becoming more common around this age it could possibly lead to college. Some students may engage in drinking more at college than they did when they were high school. In college alcohol can be more easily obtained. Binge-drinking has become more well known among adults. They are all consuming large quantities of alcohol in a single session. They consume more than 4-5 drinks during this session. People do this to make themselves feel better but some are intentionally hurting themselves. While others do not even realize what they are doing to their bodies.


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