“Hard Work”

Heather Becker, Staff Writer

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     In the beginning, basketball was only played by men, but that all changed in 1892. Basketball was invented on January 20th, 1891 by James Naismith. The first men’s game was held in Springfield, Massachusetts and consisted of eighteen players on the court. Also, the game lasted thirty minutes and the final score would be 1-0. Two years  later, the first girls’ college basketball game at Iowa State, Carleton, Mount Holyoke, and Sophie Newcomb colleges. Then, a few years later in 1896 the first high school girls’ basketball game was played. After these two events, more exciting things happened in girls’ basketball. For example, the Olympics including women’s basketball as an exhibition event in 1924, the Paralympics including women’s basketball in 1969, women’s basketball becoming an Olympic event in 1976, and the women’s basketball league forming in 1997. Now, women’s basketball is played everywhere, even in our little town of Cuba.
     The Varsity Girls’ Basketball here at Cuba- Rushford Central School, has built some progress from last year and is improving on skills every day to get better. The coach that is improving the player’s skills is Mrs.  McMahon. McMahon wants to teach her players a sense of commitment and instill a strong work ethic which she is willing to show the JV girls that lesson as well. She is showing the new JV girls coach, Mr. Fee, what she does to teach these skills. I should know because I played JV basketball last year which was a good experience. I learned to be more competitive and team oriented, but in a sportsman like manner. She worked us hard, while keeping us motivated for the next game  to come.
     McMahon still teaches these skills today, with her eight players on the team. The players on the team are: Riley and Kate Howe, Ashley and Emily Lyman, Gabby Dutton, Carla Rosario, Rebakah Clark, and Caitlin Wiltsey. These players are working hard, are being competitive, and looking forward to every game there is to come this season. According to Coach McMahon, these ladies will need it due to the tough lead schedule. She said, Bolivar-Richburg has five senior starters, Whitesville is a strong team, then Fillmore and Genesee Valley have improved.
     In the end, boys’ and girls’ basketball has changed drastically through its existence. On the other hand, girls’ basketball has thrived since 1892.  It is now everywhere including in little old Cuba, New York and is thriving through the excellent coaching of Mrs. McMahon.

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“Hard Work”