Pop Group Glenn’s Falls Trip

Nevaeh Peacock, Freelance Writer

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Your friends, maybe even family, in the Senior Pop Group from their Sophomore to Senior year, attended the A Capella, singing with no instruments and using your voice to make different sounds, Festival at South Glenn’s Falls High School, accompanied by five Freshmen (Sarah Cole, Trey Myers, Nevaeh Peacock, Averi Saulter, and Devin Tullar). Mrs. Megan Tackentien (our own Choir and Jr./Sr. Pop Group director) was there, making sure everything went according to plan, as well as two chaperone parents, Mrs. Findlay.

I asked a few people what they were most excited for:
“I was most excited to see all of the workshops when the group arrived,” stated Tackentien, “and to see all of the other schools and performances sing their songs, as well.”Workshops include choreography, music theory, and vocal.
“The thing I was most looking forward to was learning new things about A Capella, like the vocals, how to manipulate your voice to make certain sounds, and using your own body as an instrument. As well as seeing all of the other groups perform and to learn from them,” Vice President of Sr. Pop Group, Erica Goble, stated.
President Chris Mueller also added, “The college campus (Skidmore College) we went to was very fun to see and explore.”

This was the very first, unique, and educational trip for the kids. Just over a year ago, during a talk with a former administrator, this all started to become a possibility. Last February was the time it was even slightly considered. Mrs. Tackentien chose the A Capella song last year for both Pop Groups, “Kids In America,” just for this reason, so the kids would already have something planned. Other music pieces were planned in mid-June. “I wanted to take this group to the next level,” she said, “To do something that inspired the kids to push their boundaries and comfort zone more.” So, she started reaching out to a few friends to “pull some strings.” They were all on board, saying that it all seemed a very impressive choice. Having it sponsored by an old friend of hers from college, everything that the group had been hoping for came true.

Fund Raising for the trip started earlier this year when the Sr. Pop Group put together a car wash. (They raised about four-hundred dollars!)

Although everything sounded and seemed very fun, everyone had a few concerns. “Settling the group’s nerves before the performance to a large spread of audience,” is what Tackentien stated as her only one. Just as she thought, the kids’ main concern was that nerves would get the best of them, but everyone did absolutely great!

The trip took place on Friday, October 28th to Saturday, October 29th. Everything went even better than expected! Awesome job, Sr. Pop Group!

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Pop Group Glenn’s Falls Trip