On the Road to College

Sarah Clark, Staff Writer

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On the night of Thursday, December 1st, members of the junior class piled in the auditorium for College Admissions Night, headed by Mr. Ackerman. The purpose of the event was to provide juniors with valuable information regarding their future if they were planning to attend college. It started at six in the evening and ended after about an hour in.
To start the evening off, Mr. Ackerman began by having students receive a pamphlet of information regarding information about what colleges look for, what to ask on college visitations, an event schedule and more.

Mr. Ackerman then went on to speak to the people that attended, and stressed the importance of completing assignments on time, in order to successfully apply to colleges. According to the pamphlet, dates for deadlines have been moved up, such as that fact that the summer of their senior year, students should construct a resumé, narrow down their college choices, and begin applying to colleges of their choice. During their senior year in the fall, students must continue to apply to colleges and complete their financial aid forms during the month of October. In January, colleges should have responded and students should choose the college they plan to attend. In the winter and spring of their senior year, students must submit their completed scholarship applications. Another date that was stressed during this meeting was March 14th, in which the juniors should attend Penn York College Night at the school. Penn York College Night is yet another event for juniors seeking college, but it focuses more on financial aid, rather than a broad overview.

Later on, the SAT and ACT were discussed, and the differences between the two tests were pointed out. It was also highly suggested that juniors should register and take either the SAT or ACT in the winter to get scores in. The SAT focuses more on english and math while the ACT focuses more on science and math, but has less of it. Students in eleventh grade who currently attend BOCES were urged to take the ACT rather than the SAT, only due to the lack of math and science classes they are currently enrolled in, as well as the fact that the math on the ACT is more more simple than the SAT math. Both tests, however, can be taken right at the Cuba-Rushford High School.
It was also pointed out, that if juniors had any colleges they were interested in, it is acceptable to start visiting them now. It was mentioned that once the application process actually begins, however, students should aim to apply to three colleges. There is a page in the pamphlet that goes over what to consider when searching for colleges such as, would it suit one’s major, is the location preferable, and what are the activities offered at the colleges? There was also a sheet of questions included in the pamphlet that were focused on what to ask during a college visitation. Such questions were, “What are the admissions requirements,” “Are SAT or ACT scores required for admission,” and “How many students attend the college or university?” With all of this information given to the students, the meeting came to a close and students and their parents left the auditorium.

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