It’s Debatable!

Mikayla Rix, Staff Writer

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Candidate Hillary Clinton, a Chicago, Illinois native takes on the Republican candidate Donald Trump, a Queens, New York native. Throughout a long sequence of events we come to the end of a close presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Who will Win? Will it be the democratic Candidate Hillary or the Republican candidate Donald? Both candidates have similar campaigns on certain topics, like taxes. In the topic of taxes one wants to lower them on the wealthy and their opponent wants to lower them on the working or middle class.


Republican Donald Trump has many ideas for lowering taxes on the wealthy and for creating more jobs for the American people. He wants to increase jobs by reforming tax codes and stopping China from stealing our jobs.  His stance on education is that every American citizen should be given a chance to achieve a high level of education.  Trump wants to help allow families afford to let their children go to college to receive the best education that they can.  If we can use these ideas to change our economy today, we can come together to “Make America Great Again.”  Unlike Hillary Donald wants to leave the middle class alone. He doesn’t want to help the working by cutting their taxes in half or even reducing them.


Hillary Clinton on the one hand agrees with Trump, but on the other she has her own stance on several others. Hillary wants to lower the taxes on the middle class or private businesses. Also in her line of focus she wants to grant women with equal pay and she wants to raise the minimum wage. To be able to raise the minimum wage one thing would need to happen, we would have to reduce government spending tremendously.


So how will this topic relate back to our small community of Cuba? The idea of lowering taxes on the middle class like what Hillary campaigns could help our community since most of us are middle class families. With Trumps idea of lowering the wealthy’s taxes won’t help us since we are not mainly made up of the rich class.  With the pother topic of education if we had debt free college many more families would send their children to college.


The results of the 2016 elections revealed that Donald J. Trump will be our new president winning 276-218 over Hillary Clinton. What will Trump do to help “Make American Great Again?” Will he “Build a Wall?” Well only time will tell.


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It’s Debatable!