New Teachers

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New Teachers

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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New Teachers

Here, at Cuba-Rushford Central School, we have taken in many new teachers and staff. Out of a bunch we have gotten, I have decided to interview four out of all these new teachers. Ms. Salsgiver, Mr. Baron, Mr. Wild, and Ms. Neubauer are the ones being interviewed and asked about.

Who are they and what do they do? Mrs. Salsgiver, who is in the bottom high school wing, is a Chemstry teacher. Mr. Baron, being a Special Ed helper. Mr. Wild, in the top middle school wing, is a Social Studies teacher. And lastly, Ms. Neubauer is in the top high school wing, being a History teacher.


Rebel Yell: What are two random facts about yourself?

Ms. Salsgiver: I absolutely love hiking in the woods. I do a pretty good job at looking at plants, and knowing exactly where I am by looking at them. And another one is that I really enjoy hunting, because it is such a challenge to learn the techniques.

Mr. Baron: Two random facts would be that I am a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan and that I grew up 20 min from downtown Pittsburgh but I lived on a farm.

Mr. Wild: I have a duck collection, with over 120 of them. Also, my idol growing up was Ric Flair.

Ms. Neubauer: One random fact is that I am a TV show junkie. I love all of the Real Housewives shows and I am a religious watcher of Big Brother. Another random fact is that I love to try cooking and baking new recipes whenever I get the chance.


RY: When did you first realize you wanted to be either a teacher, or just in general working in a school?

Ms. Salsgiver: I had a younger brother, and I would always tried to teach him things. I grew up playing school. Throughout my school years, I enjoyed everything about it. Everyone told me not to be a teacher, since I was too smart for it, and I would not get any decent amount of money from it. I went to college for it, and tutored people anyways, and I loved it. I proved them wrong.

Mr. Baron: When I was a senior in high school I knew I wanted to become a teacher. My old Biology teacher used to let me teach his labs and that was when I decided that I wanted to go into the education field.

Mr. Wild: In 7th grade, I realized I wanted to be a football coach. And it just evolved from there.

Ms. Neubauer: I first realized I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school where I had an amazing teacher who had gone to school to be a lawyer, but chose to teach high school because of their love for the art of teaching. Throughout that class with this teacher I was inspired to want to share my love for education with others moving forward in my own academic career.


RY: Why did you choose to come here?

Ms. Salsgiver: I realized I had missed teaching. There was an opening for the specific subject I had wanted to teach, and I saw how involved the teachers and students were with one another here. I heard about the outdoors, etc. I had seen the school district had the same values I had and thought it would be all a good match with what I had wanted.

Mr. Baron: I chose to come here after working at Bolivar-Richburg for 15 years because of the working environment. The staff, students, and faculty work together for the betterment of the school community.

Mr. Wild: I went to high school here, and I’ve always wanted to work for this school, so I stuck around.

Ms. Neubauer: I chose to come to Cuba-Rushford after being a long-term substitute in the district. During that time, I learned what a wonderful district exists in Cuba-Rushford and knew that I wanted to be part of this community of educators and work with the amazing learners here.


RY: How do you like your job?

Ms. Salsgiver: Well, I really enjoy working with the students and teaching aspects. I enjoy teaching such a hard subject. I like to see the students work hard and finally understand something, because I think that is such a joy of learning. Chemistry is such a good subject for that. I just love working with the students and the teaching aspect of it all the most.

Mr. Baron: I love my job. It is very refreshing to come to work and fell like I am part of a team. I feel like we are all in it for the same reasons.

Mr. Wild: I enjoy the 7th grade class and I’m happy to have this opportunity.

Ms. Neubauer: I love my job, coming to school every day is a new adventure with each and every class. I enjoy learning from my students about what they are interested in and what they can offer to our discussions.


It was such an honor interviewing the four of these teachers, and finding out about them.

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