History Teachers Sound Off on 2016 Election

Sarah Clark, Staff Writer

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This year in 2016, with the presidential election in full swing, America has had mixed emotions on the issue of who is going to be the next president: Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton. With only about a month left until the official election is held in November, I asked several CRCS history teachers their opinions on the upcoming election.


RY: What is your opinion on the presidential candidates?


Mr. Wild: “They’re both strong willed people who are very stuck in their ideals.”


Mr. Fee: “Donald Trump represents a group of Americans who are sick of the way the political system is run and Hilary is the product of our political systems: corrupt, a liar, nothing sticks to her. We have created both candidates we have.”


Mr. Ullman: “Like many, I’m not a fan of either one. I think both of them have very high unfavorable ratings and have temperament issues. For me, this is the classic none of the above election.”


Mr. Butler: I think it’s probably the two most undesirable candidates going against each other ever in history, I really do. These two candidates are very flawed and I feel a lot of people think it’s, I hate to use the phrase, “the lesser of two evils,” but that’s kind of where we are.”


Miss Neubauer: “I think they each have their strengths. I know it’s a very controversial election and most people side one way or the other, whether that be Hilary or Trump. It will be interesting to see who wins. I think they’re both qualified in their own manner and it will be highly beneficial if they have a team of people behind them, whoever gets elected.”


Mr. Cappelletti: “I think we have two very extreme candidates. I think they’re both captivating. They have passionate followers and I think it’s gonna make for one of the most interesting presidential elections in a long time.”


RY: Who do you think you are going to vote for in November?


Mr. Wild: “I have not made up my mind yet.”


Mr. Fee: “I will not vote for Donald Trump because I will never tell my son to look up to someone like him. With that being said, I’d go with third party Johnson. If I had to pick I’d chose Hilary.”

Mr. Ullman: “Normally, I would go third party but I honestly think I’m gonna write in Mike Johnson. If I had to pick between the two major candidates and I told you I don’t like either of them, I wouldn’t vote. I’d write in bozo the clown or something.”


Mr. Butler: “I probably will end up voting for Hilary and the reason behind that is the fact that she has been the senator and Secretary of State.  I think no matter what people say she’s got a much better handle on foreign policy and foreign affairs. She is a politician and I know some people think that’s not good we want an outsider; but I would vote for her because I think Trump just doesn’t really have any political background, which I think you have to have something in order to be president.”


Miss Neubauer: “I think that’s a very personal question. I still need a lot of information before I can decide definitively who I’m going to vote for. I believe the debate coming up between the candidates will give me some more information and then I’ll be able to better make my decision. As of right now, I do not know who I will vote for, it’s up in the air. More information from both of them about what they’re going to do instead of what’s wrong with the other one would be helpful.”


Mr. Cappelletti: “I’m very conservative but I’m also very pro-union, so saying those two things, one candidate appeals to me on the conservative side and the other one appeals to me on the union side. Saying that, I don’t know, I’m very vexed by it.”


RY: Who do you think is going to win?


Mr. Wild: “I think Trump is going to win.”


Mr. Fee: “Hilary by a landslide.”


Mr. Ullman: “If you would’ve asked a month ago, I would’ve said Clinton. My prediction is Clinton will win a very close election. But you’re asking me this before the debates and they will determine a lot. Trump has to win virtually every swing state; Hilary has to win five or six that’s why I think the odds are she’ll win.”


Mr. Butler: ” I can’t imagine America being ready to elect a Trump because you just can’t be that bombastic and just ridiculous in some of the things he’s said and people he’s attacked and really become president. I remember having this discussion with people about a year and a half ago and thought we’ll get used to it, Trump won’t even come close to Hilary if it comes down to those two and now it’s closer, but I still think Hilary will win.”

Miss Neubauer: “As of right now, it looks to be very close. Each day we look and it goes from Hilary to Trump, back to Hilary then back to Trump. I think it will be very telling once they come out with pointed answers to the questions at the debate and I’m hoping that we get more information from there. That will also be sure to set one apart from the other but I don’t know it’s gonna be very close until the last state comes in.


Mr. Cappelletti: “I think it’s going to be close, but if I had to bet today I’d say Trump.”



RY: What is your favorite thing about election season?


Mr. Wild: “My favorite thing about election season is the corny commercials. They think that they’re swaying people but many are just laughing at them”


Mr. Fee:  “This year, nothing. I’m not looking forward to this presidential election. It’s like we’re voting for the lesser of two evils.”


Mr. Ullman: “Well for me it is the predictions, politics, debates and the fact that you can bring it into the classroom and it becomes a teachable moment for students but I’m also a political junkie, I’m into that stuff most people aren’t.”


Mr. Butler: “This election in particular has reached across so many different social classes in our country that it’s just more than any other election and the debates are going to be interesting. The fact that both these candidates are people who aren’t going to hold back. I think American media gets so involved in these elections, but I think it’s comical too and that’d have to be my favorite part.”


Miss Neubauer: “Just the whole nation coming together to select our leader is such a big issue and I love talking about it with the students and seeing their perspective on it. I also love just seeing everyone go and vote. I think it’s amazing that we get to choose and have a say in our government and see where our future is going to go, whether we like the candidates or not. We always have to be thankful that we get the opportunity to vote and that’s my favorite thing, just seeing our democracy work.


Mr. Cappelletti: “I love the breakdown of the electoral college that you can watch on all media outlets. I think it’s a very interesting process and it’s a big part of the constitution and I enjoy it.”

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