How Cross Country Changed the Life of the Coach

Heather Becker, Staff Writer

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Cross country is a sport that consists of running for a long period of time. At Cuba-Rushford Central School, Mr. David Volz coaches the varsity cross country team. He has coached varsity cross country for three years and coached modified for six years. He also has been teaching math for eighteen years and teaches a class called Teen Leadership. The class is about giving back and helping people and the community one step at a time. I asked Mr. Volz a series of questions and I got some encouraging responses.


Rebel Yell: How do you coach your athletes?

Mr. V: Its unique there are no substitution, like other sports, so I have to make them believe themselves.


RY: How did you get into cross country?

Mr. V: Giving back to the sport because I did cross country and track in Allegany and my coach Mr. Sprague gave me everything including confidence.


RY: Why do you give the runners donuts after each meet?

Mr. V: That is a tradition from Mr. Spargue.


RY: What do you do to motivate your athletes before and after a meet?

Mr. V: Making them believe in themselves.


RY: What is your favorite memory about cross country?

Mr. V: Mcquade Invitational.


RY: What do you hate the most about cross country?

Mr. V: Kids start not believing in themselves.


RY: Will you ever get tired of cross country?

Mr. V: No, I’ll coach until I retire.


RY: What would you change about cross country?

Mr. V: What people think about it and have more kids do it.


RY: Do you participate in practice too?

Mr. V: Yes, I run at least once a week.


RY: How is your season going this year?

Mr. V: Very well from the first to the most recent, kids have beat their personal best and are running with some of the best runners.


RY: What things do you do in practice?

Mr. V: We mix it up. One day we work speed, then distance another day, then core or dynamic one day, or have fun.



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How Cross Country Changed the Life of the Coach