Mr. Cappelletti’s Interview of Technology

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Mr. Cappelletti’s Interview of Technology

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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I was given the chance to interview Mr. Cappelletti. Mr. Cappelletti is now a technology integrator, but used to be a history teacher at Cuba Rushford Central School. He still currently works here at CRCS, but just changed his job. He has two kids. One son, and one daughter. He lives with his four dogs, and wife, who works as the High School principle at Franklinville.
Rebel Yell: What are your favorite technology brands to use?
Mr. Capp: Well it’s no secret that I’m an Apple user. I grew up on windows, I love PC, but here’s what I have to say.. it can be used for the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s overpriced, yes, but it’s nice because they make you update it whenever and tell you when to.

Rebel Yell: How do you think the world would be right now if technology still has never existed in the word?
Mr. Capp: I think we all will live like the people in Little House on the Prairie. We would have our little villages and everything. But maybe we would we would die from the sickness’s, because we wouldn’t have the information for the ability to send for help.
Rebel Yell: Do you think learning and doing school work on technology is better than paper?
Mr. Capp: Well, it’s for sure that paper will never go away. It will always be around. Using technology can be for either the good or bad.


Rebel Yell: What are your favorite apps?

Mr. Capp: You know what, when I was traveling to Texas the other day, on Sunday, for me it was important that I was able to watch football all day on my phone with my DirectTV app. I streamed six hours of football, using my data. I’m going to be hiding from my wife, that was so high! Also, iTunes U. During the flight, I was able to read Tom Clancy all day yesterday.
Rebel Yell: What app do you use to talk to people more on? Messenger, texting, email?
Mr. Capp: That’s a trick question. If I’m talking to Mr. Fee, I’ll text him. If I’m talking to my kids, my wife, I text them also. But, I will also FaceTime my daughter. For example, she’s in Texas currently, and I can still see her face from being here.

Rebel Yell: How do you think technology will be like in the future? In maybe about 10 years?
Mr. Capp: This is crazy. I think there’s going to be a museum with everything in it, including the technology we use right now, currently. It’s unbelievable to think where we are going to be in 2026. We will be traveling at the speed of light.
Rebel Yell: Do you think technology helped with a lot of things in the world, and made things a lot better?
Mr. Capp: I mean.. we can collaborate with people all over the world. If we want to solve a problem, but we don’t know how, we can just go to the internet.
Rebel Yell: Do you think every school, business, etc, will soon just deal with using technology and no more paper in the future?
Mr. Capp: I don’t see paper going away anytime. Now, there’s no secret as to that newspapers are dying. Olean used to have a bunch of different newspapers, and now they’re all gone except the Olean Times Herald. But, there is also times where we still need paper. If we have no technology, and we need to write something down, we go to paper. Paper will always continue being around.

Rebel Yell: What are your favorite things to do when not using technology?
Mr. Capp: I love hiking, and I love shooting. I’m not a hunter, but I love shooting guns. I tried golf and a bunch of others, but none of that stuck with me.
Rebel Yell: Do you prefer working on technology with people, than when you were being a history teacher?
Mr. Capp: I don’t really prefer either one. I love working with technology, but I love learning with history. I am very passionate about history and it is very important that we understand where we came from, and the decisions that were made to understand history. I enjoy history, I enjoy the constitution, and I love American history. If I was asked to be changed back teach history, then whatever. I’ll do it.

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