Mr. Fee’s Football Interview

Catherine Becker, Staff Writer

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Mr. Christopher Fee is a good and loud Global ten teacher for Cuba-Rushford High School. Mr. Fee has been a husband for a year and also a father to a boy named Cooper for six months. Mr. Fee has been teaching for nine years total, that includes three years in Arizona, one year in Buffalo, and five years at Cuba-Rushford. Mr. Fee is the head varsity football coach.

Rebel Yell: How is the season going so far?      

Mr. Fee: Going well. Still young, but we are expecting to get better.

RY: Who are your best players this year?

F: Trevor Smith, Dawson Sanderson, Dylan Jones, Jake Hardy, Jake Moshier and Joe Sherlock.

RY: Who usually are your starters in games?

F: Trevor Smith, Dawson Sanderson, Dylan Jones, Jake Hardy, Jake Moshier, Nik Berardi, Ben Frank, Gavin Ponka, Tucker Rouse and Jason Gabler.

RY: How do you make sure your players stay in shape?

F: Practice six days a week and lift two days a week.

RY: What is your favorite song to play before a game?

F: I whip my hair back and forth.

RY: What is the highest score you have got this year?

F: Average fifty points a game.

RY: How have your players done in practices or games?

F: They are undefeated, so they have done very well.

RY: Do you enjoy coaching the Cuba-Rushford Rebels?

F: I do

RY: How many games do you have during the season?

F: Usually seven games.

RY: How are your players doing so far for the season?

F: Doing great. Trevor Smith just got announced section five player of the week.

RY: What game are you most looking forward to?

F: The next one. You always look forward to the next game. Also, you always got to look forward to the homecoming game.

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Mr. Fee’s Football Interview