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Dana Hatch, Senior Writer

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In 2018, we all are surrounded with all types of technology. Technology is “taking over” in a way that many call it. Businesses’, schools, etc are all involving technology into their system, and we might as well just get used to it. Growing up, technology has been a big part in my life. I did not start getting too obsessed with the internet until late elementary school. And from then on, the internet became part of my life in a way. I started meeting online friends, which still a majority of them are still my friend till this day. By middle school, I started learning how to edit. Videos, photos, etc. Editing was all I would constantly do. And yet, till this day hasn’t changed. During the first few years of middle school, I would then get into YouTube. YouTube has changed incredibly over the years, and most content creators will even admit to this. But YouTube hasn’t necessarily gone down hill, but it’s definitely a mess lately. Most of the biggest YouTubers that were known in 2012-2015 have lost so many viewers and now struggle against newer youtubers for views and attention.
Although it might not seem like something that can get you anywhere, but gaming. Gaming on YouTube or live streaming gaming, is something I’ve always been interested in. Growing up gaming was always a major hobby of mine. In elementary I would only be friends with the boys because of how much I could relate to them about video games. Still to this day, that has not changed much.
In the end, no matter what you wanna do in life, you can. Especially if it’s on the internet. It’s only 2018, and thousands of careers have to already deal with having a social media and doing stuff for YouTube or even Instagram. No matter what anyone says, you should go for what you love the most.

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