The Benefits of Video Games

Max Kincaid, staff writer

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TheVideo games tend to get a bad reputation from many parents and other adults. Many people think video games cause violence and aggression in gamers. Video games may cause aggression due to the competitiveness within the gaming community, but video games are proven to enhance certain skills that are useful to people.

Many video games force the players to brainstorm and think of creative ways to get past challenging obstacles. With all of the challenges within the games, the players should develop a strong set of problem solving skills. For example, many games such as Super Mario Odyssey and the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy have specific objects like stars or gems to collect in order to complete the game 100%. To get to those objects, players must assess the level and use what is in the environment of the game to reach the specific object. Players can move boxes, use special powers, and jump around the map in different combinations to reach the end of the levels. Dr. Randy Kulman stats that “many puzzle games encourage experimenting with new approaches as a primary means for figuring out how to beat a given level.” Experimenting with different possibilities in a game can really open up a new way of thinking instead of trying to do a single action over and over again until it eventually works. Countless adults in real world jobs use the same set of skills practically everyday on the job whether they are a doctor, a lawyer, a construction worker, a mathematician, or even an entrepreneur: the list goes on and on. Exposing children to puzzle games on a console or tablet could develop the problem solving skills they will eventually need in the future.

Have you ever heard the saying that video games can rot your brain. This saying is completely false because video games can actually help increase the rate that your brain functions. Pauline Baniqued ran a study at the University of Illinois which showed the brain’s functioning speed increased with a moderate rate of gameplay. Fast paced action games trigger stimulations from the brain such as visual and audio. A “gamer” can react to those stimulators much faster than people who do not play video games at all. With all the blood and gore in war games such as Call Of Duty, and all the silliness in player versus player games like Fortnite people would believe that these statements are false. In these types of games, players are battling for first place. During combat, players make split-second decisions that could result in death or survival like whether or not to use healing potions, which gun to use, or where to run. Usually the quicker a player can think and do, the more likely they are to win the battle.

Not only do playing video games improve the brain’s speed, it also improves the ability to memorize things. When gamers first pick up a controller they have to learn where all the buttons are, but when they play more and more they are able to play video games without even looking at the controller for a second. There was a study conducted at a college where students played two different types of games. The group of students that played the more complex games enhanced their memory by 12%. Students who played the easier and more simpler game had no change in their memory. Another study suggested people to play complex games for around a half an hour a day to improve their memorization skills.

Lastly, video games help enhance people’s social skills. Many people may believe that since a gamer is sitting alone in a house somewhere they cannot possibly be social. Video games that are played online and on mobile have chat features to communicate with anyone from around the world. All someone has to do is plug in a gaming microphone into a controller and they can talk to whoever they are playing with. When people are playing mobile games they can use a texting feature within the game that is usually provided. Many people meet friends or even their partners through gaming and online communication. Most online games require people to work together and communicate through objectives together. This skill can help children to communicate and function better with their classmates and friends.

Throughout the existence of video games, people have been making video games seem bad for a person’s health. Video games are actually proven to help grow many skills that people use throughout their daily lives. Many people may think video games have caused people to engage in criminal activity.

Violence and aggression should be blamed on the individual not on video games. They are created to benefit people not to hurt them.

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