Valentine’s Day: Cupid or Stupid?

Julius Korytkowski, Staff

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Valentine’s Day is a worldwide holiday about love. Every year this holiday is either the best or worst one of all. For some people it’s a day to celebrate, for others it’s a reminder of how tough it is to find love. Each year in our society, you’re either admired or pitied based on whether you have a special someone to share Valentine’s Day with or not. 

To know what Valentine’s Day means in today’s society we must know how it began. Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, the Patron Saint of Lovers. Saint Valentine is recorded in Catholic and Roman History. As far as Valentine’s life goes one of these two stories is most often believed. The first story takes place in Rome during the third century when marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius II because he thought that single men were stronger warriors than married men with children. However, a priest by the name of Valentine kept on marrying those who wished to do so. The second story was of when Valentine was imprisoned in a Roman Prison for trying to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. Eventually he wrote the first valentine card to a young girl and it is rumored the he signed the letter “From your Valentine,” which is now one of the most used ending for Valentine’s Day cards. His deeds were not applauded until much later during the middle ages in France and England. The actual date of Valentine’s Day was declared by Pope Gelasius at the end of the fifth century as a reminder of the great deeds this one man had done in the name of love. Through these tall tales and many years of the story spreading, Valentine’s Day has come as the result. 

Love is a peculiar topic and the question that comes to mind is, what is love? From a scientific point of view, it is nothing more than chemicals in the brain that are triggered by a specific person. In our minds we create attachments to people we say we love. Many people also think that it is a force of nature beyond anyone’s power to control or understand. In both scenarios it’s a case of stimulus and response, that person you like or love shows up and you feel something come over you. Whether you believe it’s a force of nature or just plain science, we as human beings strive to find someone to hold us dear and be a companion in this thing we call life. 

Every year on February fourteenth, some people are annoyed while others are happy. I interviewed a variety of people on their opinions of Valentine’s Day and one person said that “Valentine’s Day is made to make money for big companies and nothing more.” In a business sense it is ingenious, to get rich off those trying to make the ones they love feel appreciated. A couple by the names of Jeffery Gore and Kaitlyn Trapero both said they liked Valentine’s Day regardless of whether or not they have someone to share it with because they enjoyed looking forward to the gifts they would receive. So this ties into the idea that it’s all another excuse to go and buy something at a major retailer, for a price that is higher than it usually would be. In another sense it is one of the best days of the year for people. Firstly, the day is dedicated to love, which can be considered one of the most powerful forces to unite people. Two students I talked to were Caden Larabee and Chloe Farwell. Caden believes that “it is a day for people to celebrate the ones they love, which brings happiness to many people.” Chloe stated that “it is a time that you can celebrate your relationship with the person you love.” In more than one situation having that special person makes the entire day worthwhile. However, there are people who have mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. Dominic Berardi said that Valentine’s Day “hasn’t affected me in a good or bad way.” Dr. Stupp, the tenth grade English teacher, said that Valentine’s Day “is very superficial. It seems to be more about the display of affection and status rather than anything meaningful.” At the same time, he has found that it is worth all the troubles once he was able to spend the day with his family. Without them he would describe the day as stupid and rather meaningless. He “would be resentful of it.” This went to show that without those few precious people in your life, the day would have no meaning. 

I find that Valentine’s Day does more good than bad. In life it gives the people we love most a well-deserved day to feel appreciated. The true meaning of Valentine’s Day isn’t that you need to have a relationship, but to enjoy spending time with those who love you. Going back to Caden Larabee who said he spends the day with not only the girl he admires, but his mother. The day doesn’t have to be with your significant other, but it can even be shared with the people who you have a connection with. Love is a special feeling. To know that you have someone who cares about you in a way that is so rare to find in today’s world, it comes as no surprise that a day for love such as this, however exaggerated at times, is important for all people. 


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