The Ways of Subway

Max Kincaid, staff

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Jobs are a great thing for teenagers to invest their time into. As boring as work sounds, it has many benefits to it. I always dreaded going job hunting since the day I turned sixteen, but I knew I had to get a job at some point so I finally started working at Subway. Subway has taught me many things such as speaking skills, responsibility, how to work with others, and I also learned the value of a dollar.

Growing up I have never been a really good speaker. I would always make my mom order for me at restaurants, but as I grew older I knew that needed to change before I leave for college. At Subway I have to talk to many different people that I do not know, or else I would be jobless. At first it was a rocky start, and I was not able to hold a steady conversation with my coworkers or the customers. As the months went on I am now able to talk with any customer who walks through the door, because of how many hours I have worked and how many people came through the door.

Work comes with a great amount of responsibility. You have to make sure you are on time for work, you have to make sure you do your job correctly, and you have to take care of the money and make sure the right amount is in the register. One day a person I knew asked for a water cup, so I obviously gave it to them thinking that they were going to use it for water. However, this person got soda instead and tried to leave the store. At this point I was faced with two options: let him leave and get away with it, or stop him. I had to choose the last option because I cannot lose my job and it was the responsible thing to do. Responsibility comes with both good and bad effects. When you are responsible you get to keep your job, but some customers may not agree with your decision and get mad at you even though they are in the wrong.

Since I have been making my own money I have to pay for everything that I want. For example, I love sneakers so if I want a new pair I use my money from Subway. Now that I am spending my own money I actually see how much everything actually costs. I have learned not to waste money on things that I may not want, and instead save it for something practical like a car. Now that I have my own money I also get to see my bank account grow and shrink, so that also helps me to see the value of a dollar.

All my life I have always been better working alone instead of working with other people except for when I play sports. I learned quickly to work with others when I got my first job. When many customers come into the store at once you have to make the subs with your coworkers to make the process faster. Usually one worker gets the bread and meat for the sub and the other one gets the vegetables while the last coworker rings out the customers. The better you work with others, the quicker you get all the sub orders done. During the night shift, after the store is closed, you have to clean up the store so it looks nice for the next day. If you cannot work well with others then you might get out really late and you could get in trouble, but I learned how to work with my coworkers well so we get out on time every night.

Having a job has taught me many things that I could not have learned without it. These skills are great for all people to have, so I advise everyone to apply for a job. I am grateful for the skills that Subway taught me and I’m sure I will learn more skills throughout the rest of my time with this job.

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