Jumanji Review (1995)

Julius Korytkowski, Staff

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Jumanji came out in 1995 and was directed by Joe Johnston. Joe Johnston has also directed other movies like Captain America: The First Avenger and Jurassic Park 3. He also is a published Author; his books include The Star Wars Sketchbook and other sketch books based on the first three Star Wars movies.

Jumanji is about a magical board game that calls people to play it. A boy, Alan Perish, and a girl, Sarah Whittle, start to play Jumanji in 1969. But, they didn’t realize that once someone starts playing the game, there is no stopping until the game is finished and someone wins. As they play the game, Alan gets trapped inside the game until 1995, when play is resumed by two siblings, Peter and Judy, after they find the game in their new house. The game won’t stop until someone wins, whether they will die in the process is another story.

Jumanji won four awards in a span of two years and overall people seemed to like the film. The special effects editors did an amazing job of bringing the animals to life which got the film an award. The other three awards were Best Supporting Actress with Bonnie Hunt, Huabiao Award for outstanding translations across countries, and Young Artist Award for Best Family Feature. The setting also took us back a step-in time. We start in the late 1960’s and end in the 90’s.  I would recommend you watch this film for its setting as well as it features Robin Williams. Unfortunately, like all good actors he went before his time. While alive he was a brilliant actor and a comedian that related to older audiences. When I first watched it, I was amazed at all the creatures that came from this tiny board game. Jumanji may not be the most iconic film you have ever seen, but it is a great movie.

There are a couple negatives to this movie. Firstly, the film went rather slow at times and took a while to get into the action of the movie. The first twenty minutes of the movie was an introduction to the film which can be a bore to some people. Secondly the visual effects were good for when the movie was released but not in today’s standards. Today we can create anything and put it on a green screen, making the props in Jumanji obsolete.

Jumanji overall is a great movie with some fantastic actors. The storyline is well-thought out and makes for an interesting watch. In addition to Jumanji there is a new movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle . So, go watch Jumanji and the sequel.

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