Gun Control: The World Wide Issue

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Gun Control: The World Wide Issue

Julius Korytkowski, Staff Writer

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Gun Control has been around since the Civil War era, possibly even farther back. The purpose of gun control is to keep people safe. With mass shootings like those in Orlando and Las Vegas, the topic of gun control is being brought up more frequently. In America alone there have been 90 mass shootings from 1966 to 2012, not to mention any other shootings from 2012 to today. From 2012 to early October 2017 there have been 1,552 mass shootings, with at least 1,767 people killed and 6,227 wounded. One example is since January 1st all the way to October 3rd this year, the United States has averaged 7.5 shootings a week, that’s one shooting per day just in America. Now more than ever gun control is a worldwide topic that must be addressed. 

  In simple terms, gun control is a term that covers any kind of restraint on firearms. In the United States the gun restrictions versus the 2nd Amendment debate started to advance started right after President JFK was assassinated on November 23, 1963. People wanted more gun control in the U.S. to prevent the insane amounts of gun violence that occurs each year in our country. In an article on “How do U.S. gun laws compare to other countries?” by Johnathan Masters, countries with fewer guns and more gun restrictions often result in fewer deaths per year. All federal laws that are passed in the U.S. are imposed or denied by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, citing the 2nd Amendment, has left states to decide regulations on firearms. Gun control goes back and forth and is one of the most important issues worldwide today. 

 Like every topic, people are for and against gun control. First off, the United States has the most firearms with 88.8 guns per every 100 people. What is also alarming is that the U.S. has the most homicide per 100,000 people. The more guns a country has the more homicide that will be in that country, plain and simple. The rates of homicide and other gun related crimes in the U.S. have declined since the early 90’s. If we look at Australia, who has some of the strictest gun control laws, they have not had a mass killing since 1996. The United States averages at least one mass killing every month; with more gun control more lives may be saved.  

There is a wide range of policies the U.S. has on gun control. In the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment is our right to bear arms. With the 2nd Amendment in place, many gun control laws are rejected for being unconstitutional. This has made it easier for people to acquire guns since if a background check is not completed after 72 hours, the sale proceeds despite being uncompleted. People who can’t have a gun are criminals, fugitives, users of drugs, or people committed to a mental institution. So already people who are in these categories can’t receive a gun in the first place. Secondly, people want more gun control in the United States to prevent more mass shootings. Some even go a step further to get rid of guns altogether in the United States. In doing so, less gun related crimes would occur, but on the flip side less crimes would also be stopped by guns.  

Anti- gun control representatives believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment. It was written to help people be able to protect themselves against British soldiers during the Revolutionary War and is still important in today’s world. Each year 2.5 million people use concealed carry to defend themselves, as many as 200,000 women use a gun to defend themselves against sexual abuse in the same amount of time. Imagine if these people had no means to defend themselves and the crime weren’t prevented. An association was formed called the NRA, or National Rifle Association. The NRA was founded in 1871, originally the goal of this organization was to “promote and  encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” Eventually the NRA became committed to training and  marksmanship in firearms.  Many anti-gun control enthusiasts don’t think the 2nd Amendment should be changed. With slight changes lives could be saved, so change should be made as long as the moral principle of the right to bear arms remains the same.  

Many people are pushing for more gun control. With the United States having the highest homicide rate it is no wonder people are worried. This is due to people having the most guns in the U.S. With more gun control, more mass shooting could be prevented, like the one in Las Vegas. The shooter just by going to google was able to destroy people lives with ease.  Tom Brokaw, a pro-gun hunter, even agrees “the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms as you please.” Tom goes into saying in his article that no one civilian needs military grade weapons. This shows that we need the 2nd Amendment but it should be altered to save more lives and prevent mass shootings with weapons fit for war.  

 In New York State we have our own gun control laws. The Safe Act prevents mentally ill people from buying guns. This Act also bans the most dangerous weapons to the public. Chris Fee, a teacher, thinks “there should be more regulations with mental health and automatic weapons, but we shouldn’t take people’s guns away.” Then we have Chris Cappelletti, another teacher and gun owner, who says “it’s our right just like the right to talk, it’s just as important. I am for some gun control, but there should be a mid-ground between gun control and gun ownership.” Both men have different opinions on gun control but mention that gun control is very important and effects our community.  

 The issues of mass shootings and gun violence have brought about debates on gun control. For one I believe with so much violence happening, having restrictions on guns is necessary. With no hostile take overs on American soil, like the Revolutionary War, guns aren’t used for much other than hunting and personal protection. Regular citizens should not be able to obtain military grade weapons or attachments. It happened in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Columbine, causing innocent people to die. To stop these atrocities we should try to amend the 2nd Amendment, because in the end no gun is more important than a person’s life. 





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