Summing Up The Life Of Ms. Johnson

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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This year at Cuba Rushford Central School, we have gained plenty of new teachers and staff. And because of this, this years Rebel Yell has been up to the opportunity to interview these new teachers and staff and let you, the reader, know about them.
I have been put up to the task to interview the new seventh grade teacher, Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson has came to work here at Cuba Rushford because for one, she lives in Cuba. She also explained how she has heard so many great things about the school district. She wanted to be a part of the wonderful community that she is living in. Ms. Johnson is from Barker, NY and she graduated from Canisius College. So far into the school year, she already thinks it is great. She said everyone is very friendly and happy and that the students are spectacular. Ms. Johnson had chosen this specific job because she explained that she had always liked math so it just seemed like an obvious fit for her. She knew she wanted to be a teacher once she got into her junior year of high school, and since then she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She loves teaching middle school because she really likes the energy that middle schoolers have. Her favorite part about the teaching aspect, she stated, “I like our algebra unit. I like teaching MS students but sometimes I get tired of teaching ‘easy’ topics. I miss the content that I taught in high school so our algebra unit is one that will set the students up for what they will experience in high school.” I had asked her if she could go back in time and choose a different job, she said she would still definitely be a teacher, but maybe not a math teacher like she is now. “When I first decided I wanted to be a teacher, I actually thought I would like to teach Art. I really liked taking art class and I just thought it was really calming and fun.”

Besides asking about her job, I had asked her some random and fun types of questions. First, Ms. Johnson’s hobbies are to read, kayak, and make pottery. I had also asked Ms. Johnson what she would do if she had been given one million dollars, what would she buy? “I would probably buy a big house and a boat.” Ms. Johnson had also stated that her favorite part of school was the extra-curricular activities. She played sports and was on an Odyssey of the Mind team. Her least favorite part was drama between students. Relatable. To finish it up, I asked if she had one message to her students, what would it be? “I hope they learn that learning is a process and that mistakes are a necessary part of that process.” This is Ms. Johnson’s first year here at Cuba Rushford, and we hope she continues to stay and enjoy her time.

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