Gym Class Hero – Mr. Hillman

Dana Hatch, Staff Writer

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This year at Cuba Rushford Central School, we have gained plenty of new teachers and staff. And because of this, this years Rebel Yell has been up to the opportunity to interview these new teachers and staff and let you, the reader, know about them.
I have been put up to the task to interview the new gym teacher, Mr. Colston Hillman. I have chosen to interview him, because I have personally known him half my life, starting when he was my fifth grade teacher back in Rushford Elementary School. Mr. Hillman came from Cuba Rushford originally, then went to college at Fredonia State. When asking Mr. Hillman why specifically he chose to come here, he answered, “Cuba Rushford chose me! Just kidding…. I grew up here and was hired after college as a long term sub while I was finishing my masters courses and it turned into a full time job.” He also mentioned that Cuba Rushford is a great place for him to teach and that the students are great and the staff is amazing to work with. When asked why he became a teacher, it was because when he was younger, he always knew that he enjoyed working with kids, but didn’t know what form of teaching he wanted to do until college. He chose being a gym teacher because he loves being active and playing sports. He even hopes to inspire his students to love being active too. As for his students, if there was one message he wishes to pass on to his students, it is to stay active and open minded. He also stated, “So many students judge sports and activities before they give them chance. They believe if they are not a pro at the sport the first time they try it then the sport must be worthless. In reality they must improve in it first before they will be able to truly enjoy it.”
I had also asked him some final random questions, just to end the article off with. One question, was if he could go back in time to pick another job, would you still want to be a teacher? “100% yes I’d be a teacher. I love teaching PE, I wake up every day excited to go to my job.” But, when asked if there was another job he would take, he admitted, “Earth Science. I enjoy earth science because I like being outdoors and it intrigues me to learn of why our earth is the way it is.” Lastly, to top it off, I had asked what are some of his hobbies, just to really get to know him. He stated,”I love to play any sports possible. I also enjoy hunting, snow boarding, and surfing when I get the chance to do it. Traveling is also way up on my hobbies list .”

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