Kicking Off The New Year With Mr. Perillo

Max Kincaid

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Mr. Perillo grew up in New York City and played soccer in high school. He continued to play soccer in college for St. Bonaventure as he got his teaching degree. He really loves the education program at St. Bonaventure. He now teaches at Cuba-Rushford and he coaches the boy’s varsity soccer team. Last year he became assistant coach of the boy’s volleyball team here at Cuba-Rushford.


Rebel Yell: What do you teach?

Nicholas Perillo: I teach 6th and 7th grade special education

RY: What is your favorite part about teaching?

NP: My favorite part about teaching is the relationships that I get to make with students, faculty and parents throughout the year. I also love the feeling of being able to help students reach their fullest potential. There is no better feeling then helping your students succeed.

RY: Do you like what you teach?

NP: I LOVE what I teach.

RY: How long have you taught?

NP: This is my second year teaching.

RY: What piece of advice would pass on to your students?

NP: If I could pass a piece of advice to my students I would tell them to find what it is that they love to do and give it everything you got. If its sports, practice every day. If it’s a specific trade, study that trade and work hard at being the best in it.

RY: Do you prefer working with high schoolers or middle schoolers?

NP: I prefer to work with middle schoolers over high schoolers. There is unique balance of maturity and immaturity in middle school that makes for a fun learning environment.

RY: If you could teach any elective class what would you teach and why?

NP: If I could teach any elective class I would definitely teach gym. I have played sports my entire life and love them. Being a gym teacher is the perfect profession for being active and teaching.

RY: What is your favorite part of coaching?

NP: My favorite part of coaching is the before and after product of each season, month, or even practice. I love seeing where the players start and then how much better they get at the end of the season.

RY: What is your favorite animal and why?

NP: The lion is my favorite animal. Ever since the lion king came out when I was younger it was my favorite movie and then became my favorite animal. I love that they are the “kings of the jungle” and are so intimidating.

RY: What was your favorite book when you were in middle school?

NP: My favorite book when I was in middle school was Number the Stars.


RY: If you could go back in time to pick another job what would it be and why?

NP: If I could go back and pick another job I would pick to be a professional athlete. They get paid royally to play their favorite sports which I think would be awesome if I had the talent to do so.




RY: What is the best thing you can cook?

NP: I can cook Chicken Parm or sausage and peppers.

RY: If you had 1 million dollars what would you buy?

NP: If I had one million dollars I would pay off any of my families loans and debts and then buy myself a new car.

RY: How do you like Cuba compared to your hometown?

NP: Cuba is very different compared to my hometown. However, I really like it here. Cuba has a close sense of community that gives off a family feel. It is a much smaller town then where I am from originally. I think that’s why it is so close knit and family oriented.

RY: If you could meet two people from history who would you meet and why?

NP: I would like to meet Franz Beckenbauer because he is said to be one of the best, if not the best, center back to ever play soccer. Most of my life I played that position and never got a chance to see him play but only heard of how amazing he was. Another person I would like to meet would be Jackie Robinson. I think his story would be an amazing one to hear in person. I think everything he did for baseball is amazing and would like to meet him.

Mr. Perillo is a great addition to Cuba-Rushford. I had a great time kicking it with Mr. Perillo.

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Kicking Off The New Year With Mr. Perillo