History of Mr. Wild

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History of Mr. Wild

Sophie Wojciechowski, Senior Editor

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Last year at Cuba-Rushford, we had a lot of teachers retire or leave, so we had some vacant spots to fill. Today, I interviewed Mr. Wild, who once subbed here. Alas, his subbing days are over, and he is now the seventh grade history teacher. He enjoys reading, watching sports, and collecting rubber ducks.

While Mr. Wild was in high school, his favorite part was sports. He went to every single sporting event that he could because he enjoyed them so much. To this day, one of his hobbies is watching sports. His least favorite part was study halls because he had too many so it made them really boring. Mr. Wild actually decided to become a teacher just before he went into high school due to him enjoying tutoring students.

Growing up, Mr. Wild loved watching history documentaries and reading books. This sparked his interest in teaching history because he believed he would do well teaching it. When asked who he would like to meet in history, he responded with Andre the Giant, who was a wrestler and also played Fezzik the Giant in the Princess Bride, and John F. Kennedy. In his classroom, he likes to have his students play out the historic scenarios. The acting out of the events solidifies everything in their minds more so than the lecture style of teaching. His favorite thing to teach within history is the American Revolution because there is just so much you can do with it.

Before teaching, Mr. Wild did everything from selling shoes and sporting goods to making pizza. He grew up in Cuba, went to Fredonia for college, and then traveled the country. He tried to find different schools to teach at but, as he subbed here a lot, he found he wanted to help out everyone in this area. He had connections with everyone, he knew what everyone was thinking when it came to certain topics, and he has a certain perspective to help them along the way. As a teacher here rather than a student, it is a lot different, according to Mr. Wild. He said, “I think it’s a lot different being a student than a teacher. Teachers, you don’t realize how much teachers have to do until you’re in that position.”

As everyone knows, Mr. Wild has an intense rubber duck collection. All shapes and sizes sit in a corner of his room, on three different shelves. But where did they all come from? Why does he have so many? Well, when he was in college, his house was called “The Quack Shack.” He and his roommates bought about ten ducks for a lesson plan and soon after, Walmart started having the coin operated machines that gave out rubber ducks. And the rest, like the subject he teaches, is history.

To end the interview, I asked him about one piece of advice he would like his students to take with them. He responded by saying, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you put in the work, you will go far in life.” Mr. Wild, as one of our favorite substitutes and teachers, dedicates his time to teaching and helping out his students in any ways he can. Whether it be humor, pure teaching, or entertaining everyone with his duck collection, he truly cares about his students and that they all succeed.

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